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SUAL Artwork

SUAL Artwork


SUAL values the ability to communicate without judgment in order to experience the joy and closeness of communication and interaction.

Step Up Active Life

Welcome to SUAL

SUAL offers the provision of life therapies through creative arts and healing modalities specifically to adult and young women, as well as children’s groups.

SUAL aims to fulfil participants’ intentions gaining inspiration, motivation and health from a source of wellbeing through creative and edifying pursuits.

It offers groups a safe and enjoyable way to explore issues such as fitness, life-drive-energy and self expression. It also supports individuals to overcome barriers and promote motivation through activities that encourage inclusion and participation.

SUAL promotes the culture of self realization as well as the culture of the group, reinforcing self awareness, self-esteem and self-respect. This is aspired to through the vehicle of shared activities and communal opportunities, orientated towards wholeness and empowerment within the group.

Step Up Active Life

SUAL creative arts life therapies are available as programs in Team Building, as Private Sessions or as a Combo:

The Joy of Movement

Perspective and Creativity

Kids 'n' Rhythm

Healing Modalities

These therapies reflect Rose’s many years of experience ( READ MORE ) working through creative arts modalities with people from different cultures and life-experiences.


All programs aim to promote healing continuity between the past and future. They address issues causing low health maintenance of the body causing lack of flexibility to movement, by focusing on the motivational pursuit of steps to be active.

Step up to Active life today!

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